Frequently Asked Questions


Will this new organization be able to serve the firefighters of Saskatchewan as well as previous if it is focused on other sectors as well?

The Mission of the Sask CISM Network is to provide crisis intervention, training, education, guidance and support that promotes evidence based critical incident stress management for emergency responders. Our only focus is to provide support for the emotional and psychological well-being of firefighters, paramedics, police and other public safety personnel/ emergency responders after traumatic experiences. Divisions for each branch of public safety will be established and response models will be dedicated to working within those different divisions without losing sight of the individual professions.



Is this team going to be able to provide the same level of service as other CISM teams in the province?

Absolutely. The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation model is what our organization will follow for each division. This program has a variety of intervention models which are recommended as the best practices approach to critical incident stress management. The multi-phased response model is comprised of Individual Crisis Intervention; Group Crisis Interventions including RITS: Rest/ Information/ Transition Services; Defusing and the ICISF Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. Trained Peer Support Members within the Divisions will provide Peer to Peer Support utilizing these standardized skills. As we sometimes find a need for ongoing support or referral for individual counselling, the team also has ICISF trained mental health professionals available for the more involved interventions.



How is this organization governed?

a. The Sask CISM Network has a board of directors made up of various organization professionals. The board of directors sets the strategic plan for the organization, along with ensuring accountability of the organization. The board has been working with a law firm, a board consultant, the operations leaderships group, and industry professionals to ensure the bylaws and other governing documents are following best and current practices.

b. The Sask CISM Network also has an Advisory Council. This advisory council is made up of representatives from various emergency response and public safety sectors to ensure the organization is meeting its goals, the strategic plan matches the operational plan, and challenges from different sectors are properly mitigated.



Will this organization be a charity?

Sask CISM Network is already a non-profit organization and is completing the application for charitable status at this time.



How do I get more information?

Contact us at and ask about what our initiatives are and the programs we’re developing.



How can my organization contribute to this cause?

We encourage all individuals and organizations to support the Saskatchewan CISM Network as it directly affects all communities throughout Saskatchewan. Please send all inquiries for donation whether they be tangible or intangible to



How can I be involved or join the network?

Contact us at for more information on the process.



What qualifications would you recommend for membership on a CISM Team?

ICISF Recommendations for team membership are as follows:

  1. Assisting Individuals in Crisis (2 days)

  2. Group Crisis Interventions (2 days)

  3. Advanced Group Crisis Interventions (2 days)

We recommend ongoing training for teams to keep their skills up as well as providing more education to develop confidence. Possible training includes:

  1. Mental Health First Aid (2 days)

  2. ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (2 days)

  3. Road 2 Mental Readiness



How do I become involved as a mental health professional in order to be part of the support network or volunteer for the team?

For more information contact



How do I access the CISM team or request support for my own department?

Contact the Program Director at 306-731-7954 to request CISM support of any kind.

If you have personal questions or concerns please contact that number to be connected with appropriate mental health support.



Is there a charge to my department or myself if I request CISM Support?

CISM Network Teams are all ICISF trained volunteers. There is no fee for interventions. At this time, all travel costs for team response is covered by donations from Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs and other private donors.



Are the trained Peers who respond going to match my job orientation?

By definition a trained Peer is someone who has worked within a similar vocation of those they are assisting. So firefighters will be responding to firefighters, paramedics to paramedics, police to police, etc.